Missions and Outreach

Home from the Heart

Home from the Heart is a Mission Project sponsored by Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in coordination with Food for the Poor.
In the month of February 2017, we raised over  $3600 to build a home for a needy family in the Caribbean and Latin America. We were also able to provide 2 water wells for needy villages as well as goats for needy families. Thank you for your support!   

Hurricane Matthew – Haiti

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Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the western hemisphere, and when Hurricane Matthew struck in October it brought devastation to a nation and a people who are not equipped to handle it. While the United States and other island nations were impacted by Matthew, none saw the devastation that was visited upon Haiti.

In an effort to bring relief to the people, Good Shepherd Lutheran church ran an emergency campaign to raise funds to help through Lutheran World Relief. Our goal was to raise $2000 in two weeks. Through the generosity of our congregation, and in response to the gifts God has blessed us with, we were able to raise over $2300. All current and future donations to this project will be sent to Lutheran World Relief for their projects to help the people of Haiti.

Louisiana Flood Relief

August 2016, Louisiana experienced dramatic and historical flooding.  In the city of Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge Lutheran School experienced no physical damage, but at least half the faculty, staff and families have been severely impacted. In order to help the of students at the school gain some sense of normalcy, Good Shepherd has taken up a collection to help equip the kids with the clothing and supplies needed to return to school. In addition, the Lady Crafters and others in the congregation, have put together disaster relief quilts. These quilts will help provide warmth, privacy and shelter for those who receive them. Our prayer is that they may be a blessing for those who receive them, that they may be a symbol of Christ’s love for those who are suffering, and a reminder that each and everyone one of us is a beloved child of God.

Disaster Relief Quilts

Ducks for Madagascar:

VBS Duck
VBS Duck

Vacation Bible School offers a unique opportunity to allow children from the church, the school and the community to learn about Jesus, His great love for us, and His commandment that we love others as we love ourselves (Matthew 22: 36-40). With this in mind, our VBS 2016 mission project, Ducks for Madagascar, aims to help children in Madagascar who don’t have enough to eat. Our goal was to collect $300 during VBS so we can provide 150 ducks to 150 families. Each duck will provide eggs to eat for many years.

By the end of VBS, and with the help of an anonymous donor, we have collected enough to provide 475 ducks to children and families in Madagascar! We thank all of the children, their parents and those in our community who helped with this project. And we thank God for enabling us to bless those who will receive the ducks, helping our neighbors so far away.

475 Ducks!
475 Ducks!

La Biblia en Español para los niños en Honduras!

Good Shepherd School took on a mission project in the last quarter of the year to purchase Spanish language Bible Books for children in Miss Alba’s home town in Honduras. Many of these children do not have access to Bibles or to children’s books about Jesus in their own language. Thanks to the generosity of our students, their families, and some members of Good Shepherd, we were able to reach our goal and Miss Alba has taken the books to Honduras with her this summer! Thank you!

Ms Alba and Spanish Books

Relay for Life:

Once again, the members of Good Shepherd took part inrfl-logo Relay for Life in 2016. We had walkers, we had talkers and we sold lumpia to raise money for this worthy cause. At the end of the event, we had raised over $3500 and were recognized as a Silver Team by the American Cancer Society.

Caring and Sharing:   

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church joined with Caring and caring and sharing logoSharing of South Santa Rosa County to provide a helping hand to those in our community who are struggling this holiday season. Through your generosity we were able to donate over 3 carloads of food to the South Santa Rosa County Caring and Sharing event. Then, on November 21, 2015 we helped sort and pack kits for those who need a hand up in our communities. What a wonderful way to share the blessings we have been given with those who are in need. (Matthew 25:34-40)

Papua New Guinea Mission Outreach:  

Many of the children and families in the highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG) are Christians, but they lack many of the Left-Book-Graphic-PNG-project-name3resources we take for granted. One of the challenges they have is a language barrier. While Christian books and Bibles are printed in thousands of languages, their native language of Pidgin has not received as much attention as others.

A Chilfrens Garden of Bible Stories PNGGood Shepherd Lutheran Church and School wanted to help overcome this barrier. We wanted to provide the children in the PNG highlands with their own copy of “A Children’s Garden of Bible Stories” in Pidgin. Our goal was to send 500 books to PNG! And we wanted to accomplish this in the month of November!

Rev Rall and Mary Ann Rall PNG Book Outreach

Sunday, November 22, 2015 Reverend Ron Rall and his wife Mary Anne joined us as we celebrated the completion of this project. The Ralls, former missionaries to Papua New Guinea, currently serve as members of the Papua New Guinea Mission Society. And it was Rev. Rall who translated “A Children’s Garden of Bible Stories” into Pidgin.

By God’s grace and blessings, we were able to collect over $2,700, which will provide over 540 books to the children of PNG!

The work is not done however. Rev. Rall says that there is a need for over 5,000 books for the children of PNG. If you would like to help with this project, please contact our partners at Lutheran Heritage Foundation .